Life coaching

The coach is a partner and “catalyst” enabling the attaining of a specific goal through the development of awareness and the mobilising of the client’s knowledge and skills. Coaches foster the emergence of adapted, effective, and enduring solutions while respecting the independence of the person or group, who remain the sole experts with respect to the content.

You would like to:

  • get out of blocked situations and foster your desires
  • improve your personal relationships
  • actualize new life choices
  • learn to manage your time better
  • develop your self-esteem and self-confidence
  • dare to say NO
  • move towards a new professional activity
  • facilitate decision-making
  • Balance professional and private life to avoid burn-out.

Guidance in 2 to 3 sessions for short-term goals – preparing for a speech, an exam, or a job interview – is also available.

I have a particular interest in guiding people with high potential – gifted, hyperintelligent individuals.

I am part of Cap Cohérence, a network of coachs specialised in professional issues such as bore-out, burn-out and professional retraining.

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With sensitivity, intuition, and insight, I will guide you towards the clarification of your priorities and the completion of your projects by encouraging your independence and the emergence of long-term solutions.

How does it work?

Meetings take place, in person or remotely – via Skype or telephone, in the course of 6 to 10 sessions lasting 60 to 90 mins.
After an initial 15-minute phone interview, the first session lasting 1 hr 30 is scheduled. After this session, you will have a better idea as to whether or not coaching is for you! I then provide an agreement establishing our respective commitments, the number of sessions, and the price.
Point de Mire life coaching packages of 6 to 10 sessions include 2 to 4 quick telephone calls (5 mins) and follow-up by email as required between the appointments.

Let’s meet – Contact me for an initial phone interview

Examples of issues broached

Paul, 62, financial expert working as an independent wanted to refresh his activity, find new contracts, and strengthen his professional position. In eight ninety-minute sessions, he regained his self-confidence, identified and approached new clients, and repositioned his business. He requested two targeted sessions six months later, to help him establish a partnership with high stakes.
Paul, 62
financial expert
Christelle, 35, director of a cultural establishment wanted, after entering a new professional role, to strengthen her leadership and team management skills, develop her mode of internal and external communication, efficiently manage her agenda and priorities, and delegate clearly and effectively. Through fourteen one-hour sessions by telephone and Skype, she constructed a personalised and operational stance as director and found a better balance between her private and professional life.
Christelle, 35
director of a cultural establishment
Marie, 52, a teacher having difficulty in her current position, wanted to clarify her motivations and develop a strategy of professional evolution. In the course of eight one-hour sessions, she worked on her interrelation communication, identified her desires, and was able to get started on personal and career-boosting approaches. Three months later, she requested my help for a preparation session for an important job interview.
Marie, 52
Stéphanie, 40, was undergoing a difficult period financially and was in the process of changing profession. She wanted to develop a balanced relationship with her two-year-old daughter. After working on her self-esteem and unconstructive beliefs, she managed to start the process of returning to employment while working on her relationship with her daughter as a fair and happy mother.
Stéphanie, 40
in professional reconversion
Kim, 32, was launching his own business and needed help organising his priorities, establishing a better work-life balance, and working on the construction of his website. He also wanted to have a healthy lifestyle through a balanced diet and a return to regular physical activities. After ten one-hour sessions, he identified his resources and deterrents; he managed to finish his website and launch his new activity while remaining attentive to his health.
Kim, 32
Laura, 23, a student at an engineering school, wanted to clarify her orientation in terms of career options, establish a method for finding an internship, and work on her self-confidence and public speaking. After six ninety-minute tutorial sessions, she identified her values, found her professional internship, and strengthened her responsibilities within the associations of her establishment with ease.
Laura, 23
Pauline, 50, was looking for executive employment. Over the course of ten tutorial sessions, she strengthened her job-search method, developed self-confidence, mobilised her skills, and found an executive position corresponding to her true ambitions. She introduced her new team and her peers to collaborative approaches!
Pauline, 50
looking for an executive position
Anne, 55, a researcher in the hospital sector needed to recover her motivation to work and clarify her relationship with her hierarchy, colleagues, and team. Through eight telephone sessions, she became aware of the role of emotions in her mode of operation and took concrete steps to improve her self-esteem, assertiveness, and managerial position (modes of delegation, time management).
Anne, 55
researcher in the hospital sector