Anne Dallant Point de Mire coaching

Certified coach — co-development facilitator

Anne Dallant

Lille, France and all over the world

After working as a director and 30 years of experience in consultancy, cultural engineering, and project management, I chose to place my listening skills and motivation in service to supporting individuals and teams and to create my coaching agency Point de Mire.

Certificate as a Coaching Practitioner and co-development facilitator, I am trained in techniques of questioning and active listening.

I have a particular interest in guiding people with high potential – gifted, hyperintelligent individuals and an expertise in the cultural and tertiary education sector.

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Professional coaching

Director, team leader, or head of department, you would like to optimise your time management and your leadership, improve the well-being of employees.


Life coaching

You would like to get out of blocked situations, actualize new life choices,
dare to say NO, or move towards a new professional activity.



Within a small group, you would like to experiment tools to alleviate blockages, sparkling a dynamic and concrete action.